Our traditional dishes

Entrees and appetizers

Duck salad and cheese

Endive salad, smoked salmon and blue cheese, Roquefort sauce

Anchovy homemade, Bavarian ratatouille and tomato toasts

Our typical snails “llauna”

Andorra veal Carpaccio, cheese petals, old sauce

“Jabugo” ham, thin slices of toast with tomato

“Bourgogne” snails butler and crouton of ham

Duo of duck and goose “foie gras”, aspics sweet wine and toast

Cod fritters house wire, honey, “romesco “sauce and mayonnaise

Small basket of kibble house broth

Grilled seasonal vegetables, “xató” sauce

Mushrooms stuffed with foie gras and truffle sauce

Soups, pasta and rice

Gratin onion soup

Pasta and meatballs soup

“Escudella Barrejada”

Cannelloni Rossini’s grandfather Manel riddled

“PURITO” porcini risotto, foie gras croutons and wild rice, truffle oil

Mountain rice

The freshwater fish and salty

Walnut St. Jacques toasted sesame, onion compote and crispy “Jabugo” ham

Sole “meunière” or grilled, Bavarian vegetables

Palamós prawns grilled with garlic and parsley

Supreme cod cream chickpeas, parsley Catalan

Tuna tataki flavored with citrus

Grilled octopus over lightweight parmentier potato

Traditional river trout to Andorran and almonds

Our meats grilled or sauces

Tournedos of beef, truffle sauce aestivium

Grilled Andorran beef entrecote

Duck magret, sweet and sour sauce with raisins

Shoulder roast venison at moment

Jugged wild boar or wild goat with onions and apples at the English

Chicken sautéed in the style of lard and mushrooms

Partridge stew in vinaigrette

Pig’s feet in the oven with tomato sauce and parsley

Grilled venison chops or Milanese

Square of suckling pig boneless, small beans and puree parmentier

Pig feet boned and stuffed with berries, shrimps tails, walnut sauce

Tail veal stewed on dark beer and julienne onion confit

It isn't a good film without a good ending

Dark chocolate coulant

Crunchy of cheese, honey, quin and "nectum"

Dessert made with egg yolk and raspberry sauce

Variety of specialty cheeses serve in a basket

Strawberries and raspberries according to costumers wishes

Peach ravioli filled with catalan cream

Homemade flan with caramel and cream

Apple pie with calvados and vanilla ice-cream

Pineapple with saffron and coconut foam

Wind fritters with cream or with cream and chocolate

Creps according to costumers wishes

Andorran cream

Panna cotta

Caramelised nuts

  * On request, we prepare special dishes and takeaway